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Frequently Asked Questions

The State Government announced a full border closure between Victoria and South Australia to limit the spread of Covid-19. All roads into South Australia from Victoria were closed from 00.00 on Thursday 9 July. The State Government requested Southern Mallee District Council manages the closure of a number of roads.

Q. Which roads are closed?

All road entry points into South Australia, from Victoria, are closed.

Roads classified ‘Tier A’ and ‘Tier B’ are being managed by the State Government. They are:

  • Mallee Highway, Pinnaroo
  • Summerton Road – Mulcra Road (becomes Panitya North Road), Pinnaroo

Closure of roads classified ‘Tier C’ are being managed by Council. These roads are:

  • Yarrahville Road – Logan Road, Pinnaroo
  • Oster Road, Pinnaroo
  • Nickolls Road – Ngallo Road, Pinnaroo
  • East Road, Pinnaroo
  • Tiller Road, Pinnaroo
  • Hamilton Road, Pinnaroo

Q. Why is the Council closing these roads?

Council has established these road closures at the request of the State Government. Further details can be found at the Government of South Australia website here.

Q. Are these road closures be monitored and/or policed?

Tier A and B roads are staffed by SAPOL and Tier C roads will be patrolled regularly.

Q. Where can I get more information

The most up to date and reputable information and alerts regarding COVID-19 should be sourced directly from

You can also call the Coronavirus Information Line on 1800 020 080

SA Helath logo Click here to go to the SA Health website for the latest updates on COVID-19.

SAPOL logoClick here to go to the SA Police website for the latest updates in COVID-19.

info for business Click here to find Coronavirus information and support available for business.

Inline with the South Australian Government's roadmap for recovery Council offices have reopened with social distancing and hygiene measures in place.

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Public Consultation - Genetically Modified Crops

Click Here to view our public consultation notice regarding Genetically Modified Crops.

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Mallee Tourist & Heritage Centre

Mallee Tourist and Heritage Centre
There is plenty to see at the Mallee Tourist and Heritage Centre which has a variety of displays that provide an educational and historical picture of life in a rural community.

Volunteers make it possible for the Centre to be open for three hours daily from 10am - 1 pm Monday to Saturday. Please phone 08 8577 8644 between these hours for information.


The Letterpress Printing Museum is set up as a typical regional printing office of the Letterpress era and has working printing
presses, equipment and type.


The Gum Family Collection consists of restored stationary engines, tractors, farm and household memorabilia, backed by a panoramic Mallee mural.

sadry cropped

A dryland farming display, with the theme 'CONSERVE THE WATER - CONSERVE THE SOIL', has six landscape dioramas and interpretive panels portraying agricultural development and production in the district over the hundred years.

The DA Wurfel Grain Collection has over 1000 cereal varieties, including interpretive panels concerning developments in the grain industry. As a young boy Don Wurfel was interested in the wheat varieties his father grew on the farm. Throughout his life he conducted trials to test the varieties for yield and suitability to the area.

The Mallee Women display focuses on the theme "they stood beside them'. It is an evocative display demonstrating the contribution made by women as they supported the men in the settlement of the Mallee

The "Spirit of the Mallee" has been interpreted with a series of clay plaques on concrete "motor tyres." The plaques bear information explaining the various aspects common to Mallee communities-Water, Fire, Mallee, Land Use, Settlement, History, etc.

Museum Open sign