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  • Swimming Pool Closures

    17th February 2020
    17th February 2020. Swimming Pool Closures. Lameroo Swimming Pool will be closed on Monday 17. th. and Tuesday 18. th. February 2020. Pinnaroo Swimming Pool will be closed on Tuesday 18. th. February 2020. We apologise that the Swimming Pools will
  • 165 New Childcare Places on offer for Southern Mallee families

    7th February 2020
    7th February 2020. 4 February 2020. MEDIA RELEASE. $1.5M DROUGHT FUND ENSURES UP TO 165 NEW CHILDCARE PLACES ON OFFER FOR SOUTHERN MALLEE FAMILIES. Up to 165 childcare places will be available in the Southern Mallee district from next week, as two
  • New Employment Opportunities

    29th January 2020
    29th January 2020.
  • SA Bushfire Appeals

    15th January 2020
    15th January 2020. The South Australian government has launched the SA Bushfire Appeal to receive donations for people directly affected by bushfires in Cudlee Creek and on Kangaroo Island. Or, if you have been directly affected by the fires in
  • Mallee COGS update

    10th December 2019
    10th December 2019. Mallee COGS Update. Council would like to provide the community with an early update on the scheduled opening of both new COGS childcare services. The new service in the new facilities was scheduled to commence on 13 January 2020.
  • Fire Danger Season 19/20

    11th October 2019
    11th October 2019.