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Have you previously been issued with a Fire Permit?

Control of Previous Fires*

Has a fire under your control got out of control in the last five years?

CFS Involvement*

Have the CFS been involved to contol a fire under your permit?

Permit Fine*

Have you been issued a fine for burning during a permit season?

Withdrawn Permit

Please provide details if a Fire Permit has been withdrawn in the past

Fire Permit Use*

What is the Fire Permit to be used for i.e. Burning off open paddocks, rowed grass residue etc

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Outline the area to be burned in hectares

Risk Management
Available Fire Fighting Equipment*

Please outline what Fire Fighting Equipment you will have onsite eg. Water Pump and 250 lt Tank, Rake, Shovel etc

Weather Monitor*

Has the Applicant got a Weather Monitor?

Extra Precautions*

Please outline what other precautions you intend to undertake?

Permit Conditions*

Do you intend to read and comply with the Fire Permit Conditions ?

Click here to view the Fire Permit Conditions

Land Owner Notice*

Have you notified the Landowner that a fire is to occur on their property?

Random Checks may be conducted on Permit Holders.

Fire Breaks

Fire Breaks should be a minimum of 4m

Ploughed Fire Break*

Will a Ploughed Fire Break be used?

Cultivated Fire Break*

Will a Cultivated Fire Brreak be used?

Harrowed Fire Break*

Will a Harrowed Fire Break be used?

Other Fire Break*

Will a other type of Fire Break be used?

Other Fire Break Description

If you have answered "Yes" to the question above please describe the Other Fire Break type here.

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