Geranium Primary School

Geranium Primary School is a caring, small school situated in the small town of Geranium, on the Mallee Highway

Geranium Primary School is a caring, small school situated in the small town of Geranium, on the Mallee Highway. The School serves the rural communities of Geranium, Jabuk, Parrakie and Peake. Most of the school's 58 students live on outlying farms and travel in on departmental buses. Our values are community, environment and learning.

The school has great facilities and wide-open spaces, and smallness means that every child is noticed. Parent involvement is encouraged and we have very strong parent and community support. Our Vision is Learning for all; Learning for Life. Spacious teaching areas accommodate three vertically grouped classes, Junior, Primary and Middle School classes. Our core business is teaching across the eight areas of study; Arts, Design and Technology, English, German, Health and PE, Mathematics, Science, and Society and the Environment. Our foci are the Arts, Literacy, Numeracy, Environmental Studies and Information and Communication Technologies.

Specialist teachers teach across the school in areas of Mathematics, Literacy, the Arts and ICT. We have created strong literacy and numeracy programs through small teaching groups, individual support and using specialist programs such as THRASS and MULTILIT. Student academic achievement is high and we cater for all individuals with programs such as Special Education or SHIP, (Students with High Intellectual Potential).

Our Environmental Education program has attracted numerous KESAB awards, including the National Award for Environmental Education and Action.

A strong cluster exists between the Highway 12 schools, (Lameroo Regional Community School and Pinnaroo Primary School), enabling us to access broader curriculum experiences for students and staff. The Middle Schooling Cluster enables Year 6/7 students to interact socially and academically with a wider group of peers and enables more specialist teaching in curriculum areas.

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