Dog & Cat Control

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The Southern Mallee District Council administers the Dog & Cat Management Act 1995 as amended.



Registrar of Dogs

The Chief Executive Officer of the Southern Mallee Disrict Council is the Registrar of Dogs and undertakes the administrative role of dog registrations and transfers. All queries should be emailed to



New Laws for Cat and Dog Owners and Breeders

Please click here for what you need to know about Dog and Cat Reforms


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To Register a New Dog:

To apply for a new dog registration please click here , complete the attached form and return to the Council office along with copies on any concession cards, desexing and/or microchipping papers.



Notifying Council if your Dog Registration details have changed

If you have changed address, your dog has been desexed, changed ownership, or the dog is deceased you must notify the Council by completing Form 4, click here, and returning it to the Council


Enforcement of Dog & Cat Management Act

The Council administers the enforcement of the Dog & Cat Management Act and investigates complaints. Effective management of pets is required and the Southern Mallee Community expects that pet owners will take reasonable steps to ensure their dog or cat does not create a nuisance, and be responsible pet owners within the district.



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Southern Mallee District Council Animal Management Plan

Please click here to view our Animal Management Plan for 2012 - 2017


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